Why the Hong Kong International Airport Decided to Invest in Highbay LED Lighting Solutions

Recently, the Hong Kong Airport Authority decided to invest in Highbay LED lighting solutions for the country’s largest airport. The newly-renovated Terminal 2 now boasts higher energy efficiency and 50% fewer light fixtures overall, drastically reducing maintenance and energy costs.

Located on the island on Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong International Airport is the world’s busiest cargo gateway and one of the busiest passenger airports. As a regional shipping centre, the airport operates 24 hours a day and consumes a substantial volume of energy. Lighting accounts for around 10% of the total energy consumption at the airport.

Back in 2009, the airport launched its LED replacement program, which was the largest of its kind in Hong Kong at the time. The airport authority collaborated with the government to develop standard specifications for LED lighting, which became a benchmark for other organizations in the country.

Terminal 2 opened in 2007. After ten years, the authority decided it was time to update the facility with modern fixtures and amenities. In addition to a brand-new shopping and dining area, the airport authority sought to boost energy efficiency with commercial LED lighting in the airport’s second terminal.

The goal was to replace the existing light fixtures with energy efficiency commercial LED lighting that used less energy and could cover more space. This lead to the decision to install highbay LED lighting.

Highbay LED lighting solutions are appropriate in large indoor facilities with high ceilings and vast horizonal spaces. They’re common in manufacturing facilities, large gyms, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. Highbay LEDs were the lighting of choice for the Hong Kong Airport’s energy efficiency facelift, as they provide a higher quality light at a lower energy cost.

Typically, highbay lights hang from the ceiling with hooks or pendants to cast a wide area of light. They have a longer lifespan than conventional light bulbs and require less frequent maintenance. For an airport with no downtime, maintenance was another important consideration.

Installing these lights enabled the airport to cover the 14,000 square meter space of Terminal 2 with 50% fewer light fixtures than before.


The Advantages of Staying at a Resort

Going on vacation typically involves a great deal of planning. It’s not enough to simply decide where you want to visit, you must also pick a place to stay, create an itinerary, decide where you want to eat, board your pets, etc. It can be so exhausting that the idea of a staycation may become more appealing!

If you don’t like the idea of having to work hard to plan something where the idea is not to work at all, you have one easy choice: resorts.


The vast majority of resorts are all-inclusive. That means most everything at the resort is already included in the price. No need to worry about the price of a meal or other services because they are already covered by your overall payment. Just relax and choose whatever suits your fancy at that moment.

Many Entertainment Options

If you’re not a “lay by the pool” type, these resorts almost always have lots of entertainment options to choose from: water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, yoga, Pilates, special themed dinner parties, and more. Sign up for as many or as few as you wish.

Childcare Services

It’s great to bring your kids along on vacation, but with the resort option, you don’t have to be a parent the whole time. Many offer excellent childcare facilities that will take care of your kids for part of the day, allowing mom and dad to truly relax and choose activities that fully interest them.

No Extra Traveling

It can be enough to get to the airport, board a plane, and spend 12 hours in the air. Who wants to waste a good chunk of your vacation going from one place to another and sitting in traffic? With resorts, everything is on-site, so you only have to go a few thousand feet in any direction.


Best Way To Plan Your Wedding


Making plans for your wedding and make it into reality is not that easy. Especially if you and your partner want on your special day is to achieve your dream wedding. Wedding planner is all you need to help you out to accomplish your desire theme and other plans during the wedding. If you hire them, they will work on the proper plans for your weddings and even the small details will not bother you anymore. All you and partner need to do is provide the budget that you can and just approve it. This is more hassle free if you don’t like being stress before and during the wedding. You can also suggest to your wedding planner to hire specific people that can do the catering, the designing and the photography. It is all base on your preferences. Wedding planner will just help you out during this time so you can handle other things and won’t be overwhelmed. Let’s all admit, wedding is indeed stressful.

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Beautiful Miami Resort


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